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Summer vacation is approaching, let's go to the water park high together!

Summer is coming, let's go to the water park high!


The summer vacation is approaching, and the haze under the epidemic is about to dissipate. The children are about to start the long summer vacation. Not only the children are happy, but also the adults. The water park is not only a relief from the heat and stress, but also a good entertainment project to close the distance with children. During the play, with the ups and downs of screams and laughter, the cool water can drive away the heat waves that attack people. The slide also brings great excitement. What I want to introduce to you today is the water slide.


As the name suggests, a water slide is a slide that is accompanied by water. In addition to the amusement and play functions of ordinary slides, the water slide also adds a lot of water playing functions. The water spray equipment allows you to dispel the heat and feel the cool summer. Because of the addition of the water play function, the water slide has greatly increased the age of users. Children of a few years old, teenagers, young people, and middle-aged people can have entertainment and play. Water slides can be roughly divided into two categories: one is a large water slide with an ultra-long slide of tens of meters or even hundreds of meters, and the other is an ordinary water slide with a water-playing function commonly used in kindergartens.


In terms of the planning, production and installation of water slides, the difficulty of water slides is several times that of ordinary slides. In terms of corrosion resistance, metal parts such as metal columns and channels of general slides only consider general weather resistance, salt spray resistance, rust and corrosion resistance. However, water and disinfectant are often present in the water environment where the water slide is located, which is highly corrosive to the metal parts of the slide and the appearance of the metal parts. Therefore, it is necessary to consider high-level weather resistance, salt spray resistance, salt water resistance, rust and corrosion resistance. Therefore, the corrosion resistance of metal parts of water slides is much higher than that of ordinary slides. The water slide has high strength and good plasticity. Therefore, it can be designed to be very high and can be designed in various ways according to the terrain. Curved, straight, spiral, single, double, quadruple. Various shapes and shapes. Let you enjoy all kinds of excitement. The durability of the water slide kills all amusement equipment. The water slide is the real overlord of the amusement park. Ordinary slides are rare now except for kindergartens.


Compared with ordinary slides, water slides not only have the amusement functions of ordinary slides, but also add many water playing functions, such as buckets, dripping lotus leaves, water cannons, fountains, water curtains, water wheels, etc. Due to the addition of the water play function, the water slide has also added more fun features to attract children.


This summer, take your kids and your family to the water park to be high!