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What equipment are there in common water parks?

What equipment are common water parks?


In the hot summer, when tourists walk into the water park, they see a dazzling array of amusement equipment, but can't tell its name. What are the common equipment in China? In fact, there are many types of water park equipment, how to distinguish its attributes? Analyze from the following points:


1. Water slide


Common water slides are made of glass fiber reinforced plastic materials, with different sliding methods and different shapes. Common water slide equipment includes: space basin slide, cupola slide, giant python slide, cobra slide, giant beast bowl slide, giant loop slide, river-turning-sea slide, water roller coaster, water ferris wheel, and dragon Slides, horn slides, spiral slides, rainbow slides, high-speed slides and other equipment.


What equipment are common water parks?


2. Water House and Water Village


Water house and water village, as the name suggests, is to build a facility similar to a house or castle in the pool. Common water house and water villages will have themed colors. They are assembled through water slides, water spray sketches, animal and plant shaping, and decorations of different images. Become a theme package.


What equipment are common water parks?


3. Artificial wave pool


The common ones are wind pressure wave making and vacuum wave making. They have different wave sizes and wave heights, and have different requirements on the size of the site. The wave pool can hold a large number of people at the same time and is the most popular project in the water park.


What equipment are common water parks?


4. Skateboarding


Skateboarding emerged late in the country, and at the same time it is not popular enough. As skateboarding is included in the Olympic Games, it is known and liked by more and more people. Now many water park constructions will join the slide surfing project.


What equipment are common water parks?


5. Drifting river


There are several types of rafting rivers: glass rafting (air rafting river), lazy river, juhong gorge rafting and so on.


What equipment are common water parks?


6 Play in the water


Water parks are indispensable for children's water play equipment. In order to attract more children to participate and interact, the products are even more innovative. The play in the water sketches are mainly shaped by figures, animals, plants and other images, with the effect of water, thereby attracting children to play. Common ones are: octopus slides, colorful circles, rain mushrooms, apple houses, kangaroo water sprays, water guns and many other small items.


What equipment are common water parks?


7. Constant temperature swimming pool, SPA spa


In order to meet the preferences of more tourists, despite its different scales, many water parks will be integrated into this project to meet different hobbies and needs of tourists.


What equipment are common water parks?