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How to properly handle second-hand water park equipment?

How to properly handle the second-hand water park equipment?


Survival of the fittest is the rule of survival, and water parks are no exception. Water parks are seasonal. Some mid- to low-end water parks have relatively weak resistance to pressure. They are affected by the epidemic, coupled with the sluggish tourism industry, higher operating costs, and limited ticket revenues, and revenues have begun to decline. The water park music suffers from funding difficulties and high maintenance costs, and faces the dilemma of bankruptcy or transfer.


So, in this situation, how to deal with these old water park equipment? Many park owners are eager to deal with it because of the transformation, and it is unwise to dispose of the water park as waste. This is because second-hand water parks can be recycled and reused, turning waste into treasure. Equipment manufacturers can recycle these equipment after special treatment. Reuse to avoid environmental pollution. Due to the existence of blank water park areas in many places in China, in the case of companies with insufficient funds and fierce competition in the same industry, they can consider second-hand water park equipment, use price advantages, make up for insufficient funds, and provide high-quality services and preferential treatment. The price has become an important means of the game. Of course, it is not enough to rely on second-hand water park equipment management. We should transform our diversified culture into effective tourism products, enrich amusement content, and create a unique water park to survive.


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