Central China

Zhengzhou Fangte Water Park

Zhengzhou Fangte Water Park gathers a number of international mainstream boutique projects, such as 16 amusement equipment such as Aegean Bay, Hurricane Bay, Big Horn, Small Horn, Bear Infested Water Village, etc. Project area: project's venue : Project Time :

Hengyang South Lake Park Water Park

Nanhu Water Park takes the dynamic, wonderful and dreamy triple personality as the core, and ingeniously integrates the theme landscape with the water amusement project, allowing you to experience the most dazzling water passion. South Lake Water Park includes elephant slides, children’s dream water village, big horn slides, spiral slides, water development projects, wave pools and other water amusement projects.

Hubei Xiaogan Water Park

Hubei Xiaogan Water Park is a large-scale water park in Xiaogan. There are many entertainment projects here, including super loudspeakers, rainbow competition slides, high-speed slides, giant loop slides, space basin slides, spiral slides, soaring round slides, and children’s paddling pools. , Circulation River and other water amusement facilities. Here you can have both high-speed and thrilling passionate experience, as well as leisurely enjoyment of leisure and water play. Project area: about 60 acres Project location: Xiaogan, Hubei Project time: 2016

Dawei Mountain Water Park, Liuyang, Hunan

Dawei Mountain Water Park is located in Longxu Canyon of Dawei Mountain. It was designed and built by Guangzhou Tenglong Water Park Equipment Co., Ltd. It was completed in June 2012 and opened in the summer of the same year. The customer experience is good and the reception capacity is superb. The project mainly includes rainbow slides, fast slides, children's water playing equipment, and the first domestically first air-rotating kayak rafting slide. Project area: about 20,000 square meters Project location: Liuyang City, Hunan Province Project time: 2012

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