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Some common water equipment in water parks

In recent years, the configuration of water park equipment has also undergone great changes, with fewer and fewer body contact slides, and more and more water slide combinations in the form of large-scale compound sports. At the same time, the equipment configuration of the water park should take into account the family consumer groups, configure family entertainment facilities suitable for the elderly and young people, avoid stacking equipment, and leave enough space for secondary development.


The project setting should be unique and novel, research and analyze the needs and feelings of consumer groups, establish unique and novel water entertainment equipment and multi-functional entertainment projects, have its own bright spots and unique places in the same industry, improve management competitiveness, and at the same time It is also necessary for tourists to fully experience water entertainment.


What equipment are common water parks?


There are many types of water amusement equipment that can be configured, usually consisting of slides, sprinklers, and amusement pools. Investors can flexibly combine according to their needs.


1. Pirate ship


Using the pirate ship storyline, while designing slides of different heights and changing shapes, it brings high-speed sports fun to children and is more exciting than other projects, especially one of the children's water entertainment equipment.


2. Playing on the water platform


The swimming pool is shallow and easy for children from 3 to 8 years old to play in. There are many toys and equipment in the swimming pool, you can climb and play.


3. Water spray equipment


Also known as water sketch, it is a general term for all kinds of small water spray equipment. It has rich and beautiful content and vivid cartoon appearance. Many interesting water game combinations are popular with children and parents.