Guangzhou tenglong water park equipment co., LTD
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Company Culture

Guangzhou Tenglong Water Park Equipment Co., Ltd. is a supplier engaged in the design and production of complete sets of water amusement facilities. The company has a group of management consulting experts for situational water parks and water parks in South China, and a team of designers in the overall planning of swimming venues, water parks, hot spring spas, and tourism and leisure resorts.

The main experience products include: swimming pool water treatment equipment and constant temperature equipment, water park equipment, large-scale water amusement facilities, water slides, artificial wave equipment, children's water playing equipment, hot spring facilities, spa equipment, fountain water scenery equipment, environmental art products, landscaping Wait. It is a comprehensive modern enterprise that focuses on the theme of water, integrates project planning and design, product development, production, sales and construction services, and operates large-scale water amusement equipment.


Company Culture


Tenglong people adhere to the tenet of "the benevolent enjoys the mountain, the wise enjoys the water-the joy of water culture!" The concept of "Love Tenglong, love life, Tenglong and joy!" runs through the design elements of the entire company and works, and strives to create a leisure and entertainment cultural industry with Chinese characteristics and the theme of "water". We will provide customers with overall solutions with technology and design capabilities. To

Tenglong people are not afraid of the turbulent waves of the sea, and make unremitting efforts to find the source of joy. They take the responsibility of bringing joy to the world and create a paradise on earth as their mission. Tenglong is with joy, you, me, and him!