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The impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic on the development of the water park industry this year

The impact of the COVID-19 on the development of the water park industry this year shared:


Since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia in China in 2019, there has been a trend of global spread, which has a huge impact on China and the global economy, affecting a wide range of industries, especially the development of the tourism industry. The tourism industry itself is very vulnerable to the epidemic and its ability to resist risks is poor. Before the situation of the epidemic is uncertain, the tourism industry will move on a normal track. It depends on the development and control of the epidemic. I believe it will not last too long. In today's economic globalization, no one can stand alone and should work together to deal with the new crown pneumonia epidemic.


As the epidemic continues to spread today, it will have a profound impact on the water park industry this year. I believe this is only a short-term impact, affecting short-term investment and consumption delays. The new crown pneumonia epidemic is a challenge and an opportunity for the development of water parks this year. The challenge is that in the face of globalization today, the epidemic is developing on the bad side. In the absence of effective epidemic control, the country continues to invest large amounts of funds and investment in tourism. The window of the industry sector will be narrowed. Investors will not be able to get out of funds, consumers will not be able to get in, and will not be able to revitalize the water park industry market, leading to market difficulties. However, everything has two sides. Now let’s talk about opportunities. At the national level, when the epidemic is effectively controlled, the country will definitely make up for the previous losses through tax reductions and exemptions, monetary easing policies, and fiscal stimulus to the market. When all industry windows are opened, all walks of life will show up. Blowout growth has stimulated the consumption level of the overall industry. From the corporate level of investing in water parks, due to epidemic control factors, tourists' depressed mood of staying in closed rooms for a long time cannot be released. Therefore, more interactive projects and parent-child water slide projects can be considered, and some skateboarding can be set up at the same time. The interactive and participatory projects, such as tsunami wave making, seize the psychological factors of tourists, and create maximum benefits for the water park.


In the face of today's epidemic, I believe that with the joint efforts of all parties, in the near future, the water park will usher in the late spring, when a hundred flowers will bloom, and a hundred flowers will contend!


The impact of the COVID-19 on the development of the water park industry this year shared: