Shanxi Tropical Storm Water Park

Shanxi Tropical Storm Water Park is located in Yuncheng City, southwest of Shanxi Province. The total area of ​​the project is about 1,000 acres. The project includes exciting water amusement facilities, dynamic fountains, waterfalls, and waves; static rockery, sculptures, green forests and grasses. What are the water park projects?

Storm Beach is currently the largest man-made beach in Shanxi. The 1.5-meter-high waves in the man-made wave pool sway Hawaii’s sultry scenery, allowing you to experience the feeling of playing on the beach and swimming in the sea inland. High-altitude spiral slide: The huge swing slide will make you spin and fall into the water from the highest point, and feel the excitement of high-altitude sliding. Not everyone has enough courage to enter. Three-color straight wave slide: the feeling of excitement, heartbeat, impact and splashing water will definitely make you enjoy the excitement of the slide. Circumfluence River Rafting: This is a circular rafting river. Tourists can lie on a swimming ring with family and friends and drift along the river leisurely, enjoying the beautiful scenery of the whole park. Leisure beach: Tired of playing? Then take a break first, there is no better place than a relaxing beach where you can share with your family and friends.