Children's Water Village (occupies an area of 220 square meters)

Indoor water park is a theme water park built indoors. It is a modern tourist destination that integrates many entertainment activities, leisure elements and service and reception facilities based on the specific theme of the water park, using modern science and technology. It not only has the characteristics of an outdoor theme park, but also because it is built indoors, it is not affected by the weather and has an advantage over outdoor parks.


Indoor water park features

1. Indoor water parks are usually located in the prosperous areas of urban commercial clusters, closer to the city, with quicker results, and more in line with the needs of urban consumption;
2. Indoor water parks are easier to graft with various urban complexes, and can make full use of the huge source of tourists and the consumption power brought by the complex.
3. Another advantage of indoor water parks is that regardless of rain or shine, revenue will not be affected.
4. Indoor water parks have shown a development trend of integration with cultural industries, real estate, accommodation, vacations and recuperation, and commerce, forming a new urban complex.